Membership, Volunteering, Sponsoring

Join the Guide Dog World!

Make the impossible possible by financially supporting Independence Dogs Austria with your membership of €60 a year.

Puppy Raisers

are the crown jewels of the guide dog world. Every young puppy who is looking at a career as a guide dog needs a great puppy raiser. Independence Dog Austria covers expenses and provides coaching. If you’re interested, apply by writing us at


-a puppy

-a guide dog

-a learning adventure

Everyone interested in assistance dogs and the people they serve is encouraged to become a member of “Independence Dogs Austria”.

Volunteers are so incredibly important: Let us know if you want to b e a puppy-raiser. Or if you would like to give a retired guide dog a home. Or babysit a puppy occasionally.

The account number for Independence Dogs Austria is:

IBAN: AT16 4477 0217 7021 0000, BIC: VBOEATWWGRA

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